Kirsten Dekanchuk has led the fashion firm Bare All Swimwear as President and Designer since April 2012. Working with her partner Caitlin Nelms, Kirsten Dekanchuk focuses on “super couture” bathing suits that are produced in extremely limited quantities. With new designs slated for introduction at regular intervals, the first bikini collection is “I Dream of Paradise.” The suits are functional, flirty pieces that would be just as appropriate at an upscale Las Vegas or Miami pool party as at the beach.

A SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Kirsten Dekanchuk earned her degree in Accessories Design. Working in New York, she makes regular excursions to Manhattan’s fashion district to select new trimmings and fabrics for Bare All Swimwear creations. The talented designer also keeps an eye out for emerging trends and engages in continuous networking and marketing of the firm. Ms. Dekanchuk is developing a “look book” for the company that can be sent to purchasers, boutiques, Internet bloggers, and other fashion tastemakers.

A fashion model for more than a decade, Kirsten Dekanchuk has personal experience in selecting pieces that are sexy, fun, and designed to show off customers’ best attributes. In additional to modeling and designing, Ms. Dekanchuk is passionate about horses and is a competitive equestrian. Reflecting her love for animals, she volunteers regularly with the local chapter of The Humane Society of the United States. Kirsten Dekanchuk and the Bare All Swimwear team are currently in the process of launching a website and Facebook page that will highlight the brand’s swimwear line and upcoming creations.